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Poulsen: When I signed, I hadn’t even heard of Leipzig!

Youssef Poulsen - RB Leipzig
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Youssef Poulsen insists he is very much enjoying life at RB Leipzig and has no intention of moving away anytime soon.

It was his exploits at Lyngby BK that helped attract the interest of foreign clubs for Youssef Poulsen.

The Denmark international joined the youth ranks of the Danish side at the age of 14 in 2008, earned a promotion to the senior team in 2011, and went to score 11 goals in 32 matches the following season.

In 2013, he signed for RB Leipzig, the then newly-promoted side from Germany’s third division to the second division.

Owned by the Austrian energy drink company Red Bull, RB Leipzig is a new club founded only in 2009. The German side rose through the ranks to earn a promotion to Bundesliga in 2016.

In an interview with Sport-Informations-Dienst (SID), Poulsen reveals that he was not even aware of his current club’s existence until he received an offer from them.

“At some point, I will definitely try something different. But I’m only 26 years old and at the moment I’m very happy in Leipzig,” he said, via Goal.

“If I had planned my career 10 years ago, I would certainly not have earmarked seven years in Leipzig, but I’ve been here that long now. When I signed, I hadn’t even heard of Leipzig!”