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Premier League confirm six positive tests for coronavirus

Premier League
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The Premier League have confirmed that six new players have tested positive for coronavirus from three clubs, as per Sky Sports.

For much of the past few weeks, the Premier League have detailed their plans on how they intend to complete the current campaign.

The neutral venue plan saw initial opposition that has died off following reports that games could still be played in their usual stadiums.

Recent opposition has come from players and their safety, with many branding it unsafe to resume the season just yet.

The Premier League still have June 12 as the date put down for a re-start but that is well under threat as it stands.

A vote was recently agreed on for players to resume group training and part of the procedures for that was a general COVID-19 test across all clubs.

Sky Sports have now reported that six unnamed players from three different clubs have tested positive following the first round of tests.

Per the report, a total of 748 tests involving Premier League personnel were carried out over the weekend. Although, it remains to be seen whether the six positive names include players, non-playing staff or a combination of both.

The names in question must now self-isolate and would not be allowed at the training ground for a period of time.

Troy Deeney came under recent criticism for openly stating he wasn’t resuming training with Watford.

He might now have a point to make following this latest development. At the moment, the Premier League are yet to make an official statement on the matter.