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Premier League is a “big step up and challenge” for Sancho

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Gareth Southgate sees Jadon Sancho’s possible move to Manchester United as his biggest challenge yet and huge step up in terms of competition.

Jadon Sancho’s possible summer transfer back to the Premier League is likely to drag on for a while yet. This will give the player ample time to consider all the pros and cons.

His England manager Gareth Southgate has some concerns about what potentially lies ahead for the youngster.

What Southgate is referring to is the fact that the gap between the top and lower sides in the Premier League is much closer than in Germany where Sancho is playing now.

He feels Sancho is not facing top sides week in week out as he might in the English top-flight.

Speaking to Sky Sports, he is not surprised with the attention Sancho is getting, but wants some caution in what potentially lies ahead for the young England international.

Southgate said:

“He’s a very talented young player, that’s clear.”

“The Bundesliga is getting a lot of profile at the moment but it’s no surprise to us.”

“I think the interesting challenge is that Bayern Munich is the best team in the Bundesliga.”

“RB Leipzig and Dortmund are performing well but the gap when you then work down the league is an interesting one when you compare it to the Premier League.”

“I don’t think it is quite the same in Germany in terms of depth because the finances aren’t quite the same.”

“Any step for Sancho is going to be a challenge but he’s developing really well.”

“If I look at his age and his contribution, he’s learning the game, he’s slowly maturing – there are bits he’s still got to learn.”

United is not the only possible destination for the Jadon Sancho.