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Premier League launches online abuse reporting system

Premier League
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The Premier League has launched a platform that will give players who suffer serious discriminatory abuse online the chance to report it via a new system.

The Premier League have launched a platform for players to report incidents of abuse in any form at all.

The system will also be open to coaches, managers and family members of such individuals.

Racist abuse of current and former Premier League professionals has been sadly prevalent in recent years, with former Arsenal and England forward Ian Wright sharing some of the comments aimed at him recently.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said in a statement: “Online discriminatory abuse is unacceptable in any walk of life and tackling this issue must be a priority.

“There are too many instances of footballers and their families receiving appalling discriminatory messages; nobody should have to deal with this.”

“Our central reporting system has been developed to provide a rapid response and support for any players, managers and coaches who have been victims of serious online discrimination, whether targeted at themselves or family members. Our commitment is to review each case and to take immediate follow-up action.”

The Premier League maintain that they have no support for online abuse, racism and discrimination in any form.