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Premier League Legends: Dennis Bergkamp, the Dazzling Dutchman

Emirates Stadium, Arsenal
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We get inside the many exploits that one of Arsenal’s biggest players had throughout his career as one of the Premier League Legends, Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp.

Continuing with our Premier League Legends series, we stay at Arsenal FC where Dutchman Dennis Bergkamp played alongside our first entry of this series. Thierry Henry always said that even though he’s played alongside the likes of Leo Messi or Zinedine Zidane, he considers Dennis Bergkamp as the best player he shared a squad with throughout his career. The reason for this is easy to realize, this Dutchman Ajax product became one of the Premier League’s most exquisite finishers of all time, we urge you to just pick any Youtube video from his goals at Arsenal and you’ll see what we mean by that statement. Dennis Bergkamp had a similar elegant pace that his predecessor in Holland, Marco Van Basten, had during his prime. There was no way in which Dennis Bergkamp would transform a poor pass from any teammate into pure football poetry with one of his trademark finishes.

That 1998 goal against Argentina.

If you want to talk about one of Dennis Bergkamp’s career-defining moments with his national team, all you have to do is take a look at his 1998 World Cup performance in France against Argentina. The goal he scored in that match puts together all of Bergkamp’s major assets in one single play. His unique ability to be in a good position to score, his magnificent skill to receive long balls and his clinical finishing skills gave us one of that World Cup’s most beautiful goals. Dennis wasn’t able to take the Netherlands all the way to the final because they met Ronaldo’s Brazil in the semifinals, but the Arsenal striker’s impact on international football was complete and he still had a whole astonishing career for the Gunners ahead of him. Dennis went on to become one of the London club’s most celebrated legends, as he was part of that memorable team of the ‘Invincibles’ that went through 49 Premier League matches unbeaten.

That solo goal against Newcastle.

I’m going to flat out say it here as my own personal opinion, the goal that I’m about to describe is the best goal ever scored in the Premier League period. You can have your own opinion and debate about this statement, but nothing will change my mind and I will tell you why. It was March 2002 at St. James’ Park in a Premier League match between Arsenal and Newcastle, Dennis Bergkamp made the move toward the box as Robert Pires sent him a pass potent enough that could get through the defense. What Bergkamp produced after that pass from the Frenchman is something that if you watch it at simple glance, you will nave make sense of what Dennis did to put himself in front of the goalkeeper and score the goal. A counter clock-wise movement after flicking the ball to his opposite side, that only a player of his talent can produce. That goal remains number one in my book and everywhere else that you can find it.

Bergkamp’s achievements at Arsenal.

After scoring a goal such as the one we just described, Dennis Bergkamp still went on to be a part of a historic group of players who won the Premier League unbeaten through 38 fixtures. Dennis’ contributions to that squad are what give him the status amongst our Premier League Legends. During his time with the Gunners where he retired as a footballer, Dennis Bergkamp won three Premier League trophies, four FA Cups, and three Community Shields. Despite not having a large number of accolades at Arsenal, the Non-Flying Dutchman is still one of the club’s most revered players. By the way, he earned that nickname due to his extreme fear of flying which was overly exaggerated as the years went by. But in our eyes, Bergkamp will always be remembered for that incredible goal at St. James’ Park in the spring of 2002. I dare you to find a better Premier League goal, I double dare you.

Which if Dennis Bergkamp’s moments do you remember the most at Arsenal? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.