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Priceless – The day Makelele got Ronaldinho to apologize

Makelele, Ronaldinho
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Claude Makelele had his fill of Ronaldinho and his trickery, so he issued the Brazilian with a threat and got an apology in return.

French midfield dynamo Claude Makelele was a notorious no-nonsense workhorse in the center of the park.

He was tough tackling and took no prisoners when he was out to win possession of the ball.

An outstanding start to his career in France with Marseille and then Celta Vigo in Spain caught the attention of Real Madrid.

He was not your typical Los Blancos player. Which is why he only stayed three seasons before moving to Stamford Bridge.

However, he encountered a certain Ronaldinho at both clubs. The samba superstar played for Barcelona.

Speaking to RMC, Makelele admits coming up against the Brazilians trickery and skill drove him crazy.

But he had a solution to the problem. It was a little ruthless and uncouth but it worked.

He said:

“At one point, Ronaldinho crossed the line.”

“I went over to him and said: ‘Kiddo, I’d rather you show good manners in dribbling against me because with all of your PlayStation tricks… I’ll send you to the hospital.'”

The interviewer had to ask:

“What did Ronaldinho say?”

Makelele concluded:

“He gave me the ball and apologized.”

Absolutely priceless!

It’s not hard to imagine an opponent getting frustrated and let’s be blunt, pissed off! He wasn’t showing boating he was just a genius and that was how he played.

Embarrassment was part of his game.