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PSG make €100,000 donation to fight coronavirus in France

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PSG have made a €100,000 donation to France’s Secours Populair charity in a bid to show support and help amidst the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

PSG have shown a touch of class as the French Champions have made a donation to aid victims affected by the coronavirus.

The pandemic has affected lots of countries across Europe, with France being the country with the fifth highest mortality rate worldwide as per BBC.

The money donated by PSG would be used to aid children, the elderly and homeless who have been affected by the ongoing crisis.

It would also be used to support doctors as well as to train volunteers alongside.

Secours Populaire CEO Thierry Robert said: “The Secours Populaire Francais and our 80,000 volunteer coordinator/fundraisers are very grateful for the support of Paris St-Germain.

“Once again, Paris St-Germain is responding to a call from our charity to help those victims of poverty or social exclusion.

“This support will enable the Secours Populaire Francais to act quickly to relieve the suffering of those most affected by the consequences of this unprecedented crisis.”

Prior to the suspension of the Ligue 1, PSG were top of the table, two points ahead of second-placed Marseille, despite having a game in hand to play.