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PSG’s dream trio with Ronaldo included is revealed!

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According to reports coming from Italy and France, PSG has a plan to create a dream attacking trio that includes Cristiano Ronaldo. 

Cristiano Ronaldo as part of PSG has been talked about for a long period of time but we got some fresh information today that will blow your mind. According to sources from Italy and France, the Juventus star is already looking for a new destination. His club is barely hanging on to the chance of next year’s Champions League football but they might even bottle that. If they don’t make it, Ronaldo is already making plans for next season. The options he has are not many, especially after Real Madrid snubbed him publicly through Florentino Perez.

But other major clubs are definitely interested in signing him. One of these institutions is Paris Saint-Germain, obviously. Another interested party is Manchester United, a club that Ronaldo has close to his heart. But the Red Devils are not the Portuguese star’s first choice because PSG are far more competitive at the moment. In fact, the plans they have are amongst the most ambitious we’ve heard in decades. 

A dream trio for PSG. 

Considering Paris Saint-Germain are getting ready to offload Kylian Mbappe by the end of the season, Nasser Al-Khelaifi is already cooking up something special. There are currently mixed messages coming from both France and Spain. Messi allegedly got an offer to play at PSG for the next three seasons. According to Sport, Al-Khelaifi plans to keep Neymar in order to bring Messi and Ronaldo to play alongside him.

Imagine a trio formed by the three best attacking players of the last decade. No wonder PSG might not care if Kylian Mbappe leaves the club next summer. Their plans are very ambitious and nothing might happen, but it would be a major sporting event if it does. Although it’s still highly unlikely, we would still love the idea if PSG are up for the task. Where would you place all three attacking players within a starting eleven at the French club?