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Pulis urges British managers to improve

Tony Pulis
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Tony Pulis urges British managers to raise their standards and reach the level which was set by the foreigners – the number of foreign coaches has been increasing lately as 11 Premier League clubs are now led by non-British natives.

The former West Bromwich Albion coach insisted that talented coach as Eddie Howe or Sean Dyche should push for the league’s to jobs – it has become a rule that the top clubs in England are being coached by foreigners. The Premier League leaders, Manchester City, ale coach by Spaniard Guardiola, second-placed United by Portuguese José Mourinho, Liverpool by German Jürgen Klopp and we can continue like that further on…

The experienced British coach spoke about this situation as he said, according to Sky Sports“You pit your wits against these people and to be successful, you have to go up that level. They’ve brought the standard up. People complain about foreign managers coming in but it’s a gauge that we, the British managers, have to bring ourselves up to. If you look at the Premier League you’ve got Dyche, who has done fantastically at Burnley this year, Eddie Howe and people like that, young managers who you hope will aspire to one day get a bigger and better job.”

He added that it’s understandable as Premier League is no longer just British league: “I’ve got a great respect for the Premier League for bringing in not just the best players in the world, but the best managers in the world. It’s no longer an English league, it’s a world league.”

In the end, Tony Pulis claimed that he can’t expect the things to change: “There are more foreign owners of football clubs in England than there has ever been before, not just in the Premiership but now in the Championship. They are going to go for people they know and people that are recommended by them and by agents, so you’re going to get that drift.”