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Pulisic setting the sights high for his team after yet another win

Christian Pulisic, Chelsea
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Chelsea beat  Crystal Palace 2-0 in what’s becoming a habit for the Blues lately as they approach the top of the table with some good results to follow.

One of the key players in a couple of recent wins was the American, Christian Pulisic.

After riding the bench early on, it looks like former Dortmund winger found his place in England.

Pulisic scored once again today, sealing the win for Chelsea with a header.

The young core shows no intention of stopping, either.

“Not bad at all [being second in the Premier League]. We want to be right up there at the top so we’ll just keep going,” Pulisic said, as quoted by Goal.

Lampard and his men will closely follow tomorrow’s clash of titans, as the Blues clearly have championship aspirations this season.