Puskas Award runner-up to play in Florentia

For Stephanie Roche, the opportunity to play for the Italian Lega Serie A is a very good one and she hopes she can impress there

Irish footballer Stephanie Roche has been playing professionally since 2002.

And know she’s leaving the Sunderland Ladies to play for Italian Lega Serie A club, Florentia.

“It’s been a long time coming but I’m really looking forward to it,” the former FIFA Puskas Award runner-up was quoted by RTÉ Sport.

“It was a bit of a whirlwind experience with the club but it has worked out very well.”

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“Florentia have been very patient with me as I get back to full fitness, so I am happy to sign here and looking forward to getting going again,” he added.

“It came about by chance through a guy I met in England. I had spoken to a couple of clubs in England and Spain. Then I came over here in September and I was just back from injury, doing contact training.”

“Luckily enough, Peamount United had let me train with them for two weeks before I came over,” she commented.

“I had a trial and it went really well. But I was quite unfit so they gave me the opportunity to go home and get my rehab and fitness in place.”


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