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Quique Setien gave Barcelona a taste of their own medicine

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With his latest victory at Camp Nou stadium against FC Barcelona, manager Quique Setien has earned many new followers from the Catalan club.

Even if he keeps denying it when he is asked about the subject, there is no denying that manager Quique Setien is loving all the attention and the gossip that links him as the possible next FC Barcelona manager.

One could easily argue that his recent victory at Camp Nou with Real Betis was his audition, one that he passed with flying colors and left all Barcelona supporters with a bittersweet aftertaste because they know that there is another manager who can coach the style that Guardiola perfected.

Even key players like Sergio Busquets recognized the manager’s work after gifting him with a dedicated jersey which read the following: “This goes to Quique with love and admiration for the way in which you understand football. Big hug for you,” wrote ‘Busi’ on a jersey with his number ‘5’ on it.

This should be enough of a good omen for the manager to have a little hope that he may be best in line if Ernesto Valverde fails this season, they all know that there is a manager out there who can keep the Johan Cruyff tradition alive.

When asked if the Dutch legend would be happy for last Sunday’s match, Setien responded candidly: “I’m sure he would,” said Quique to ESPN.

“Everyone that really likes good football — that tries to see things beyond the result — I’m sure they would have liked it. That’s why a lot of people follow and enjoy Betis.”

“Those that are involved feel very proud. For the people that really love football, this was a game to remember. And not just [because of] Betis, but also [because of] Barca, with spectacular players like [Jordi] Alba, [Lionel] Messi, [Luis] Suarez… [Cruyff] would be happy even though his team lost.”

“The supporters here [at Barca] have been watching this style of football for many years,” he added. We are just apprentices but we’re working on it and we are improving every day.”

“There are a lot of concepts we’re trying to bring through, even though sometimes things don’t work out. We feel very proud on days like today to be positively appreciated not just by Barca’s fans, but by everyone that likes football.”

“I am really happy with today’s win. This is a huge slap on the back for what we’re doing because a lot of people aren’t sure about this manner of playing and [this performance] helps us to keep growing.”

“Everything else… it’s true, I have admired [Barcelona’s] type of football all my life, ever since I was a player and I came here to play and never touched the ball. But despite this defeat, Barcelona still have a great coach [Valverde] and I am really happy where I am at the moment,” he concluded.


But after this monologue he gave when pressed about his future, the bases were quietly setting and the pressure mounting for Ernesto Valverde to do a good job during his next few months at Barcelona.

The supporters even stated after the match, that they wouldn’t mind having a manager like Setien coaching the squad and play that beautiful offensive football again.

Because Valverde might be doing a good job since he arrived, but the squad is not playing the same style of football that the fans have always demanded.

Setien seems set for a possible arrival, to keep the tiki-taka tradition alive in Barcelona.


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