Quiz – How much do you know about the 1999 Champions League final?

May 26th is a day that all Manchester United fans will never forget at any point.

Go back in Manchester United history and this is one that many will pick out among the best. A goal down and into injury time, it appeared United’s hopes of winning the Champions League were over.

Then, Teddy Sheringham popped up in the box, smashed the ball home and hope was restored.

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Less than 30 seconds later, hope had turned into joy. Sheringham headed down a corner and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer stuck out a toe. That toe helped him to score one of the most famous Champions League goals ever.

It was a moment of pure magic and one that football fans, not only Manchester United’s, are unlikely to ever forget. With that in mind, test your knowledge of the game with our quiz and see how much you remember from it!