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Radrizzani is considering three investment proposals

Andrea Radrizzani, Leeds United, Championship
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Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani is currently considering three investment proposals which might help the team compete financially with Manchester City.

Leeds United has always been competing with Manchester City in English football.

But since the Citizens have been backed by good investors, the gap between the two teams is big.

This is why Leeds owner Andrea Radrizzani is considering three investment proposals.

“I have been approached by more than 20 parties and I have selected these three,” Radrizzani was quoted by Sky Sports.

“The option of Qatar Sports Investment and Nasser – first of all, they are friends, we have had a good relationship for a long time.”

He continued explaining: “Secondly, they have the possibility to bring this club to compete with Manchester City, so for the fans that could be a fantastic opportunity.”

“The second is based in America, he’s a big fan of Leeds United since he was a child, and I like that.”

“Another one is the owner of an Italian club. With another club you can create synergy to be more competitive and to target the Premier League – we could maybe get a loan to increase the quality of the team,” he added.

“The most important thing for me is to make this club big again. When I will open the door to others I don’t know, hopefully when we are in the Premier League.”

“The financial support would be more important in the Premier League,” he said.

“When it will be done, it doesn’t matter which share [I have], it matters that I can continue my project and also have the support to build this club back again.”