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Raheem Sterling gets a hat-trick vs the Czech Republic

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Smashing victory for England against the Czech Republic, Raheem Sterling was the man of the match with a hat-trick and one assist at Wembley.

The England National Team began its road to the UEFA EURO 2020 with the right foot, their smashing victory against the Czech Republic proved that we are living one of the best eras in English football on the international level and we could get used to watching this squad play great football for years to come.

The star of the evening was Raheem Sterling, but not talking about the squad as a group would be completely unfair because they are doing wonders as a unit as they proved it this Friday against the Czech squad.

The Manchester City forward hadn’t scored a goal for England in the last three years, this was going to change in a big way tonight against the Czech Republic with all of Wembley as a witness.

We spoke about how important Jadon Sancho’s inclusion in the game was going to be for this game, the youngster started his very first game with the senior England squad and he delivered results on the very first goal from the Three Lions.

The Borussia Dortmund youngster proved that he is a perfect addition to the wing, as he delivered a clinical assist to Raheem Sterling after a beautiful collective build-up from the England National Team as a unit.

This squad is playing possibly the best football they have ever played in modern history, it showed on the first goal.

Harry Kane scored from the spot after a penalty was awarded for the Three Lions thanks to Sterling, the Manchester City forward is at the top of his game and that can only mean great news for Pep Guardiola.

After the break, Sterling continued his outstanding display with a brace after seventeen minutes into the second half.

His effort came after the Czech Republic defense made several mistakes due to the pressure that the striker was giving them while he arrived inside the box, Raheem took a shot to the top corner and got that 3-0 momentary result.

If that wasn’t enough from Sterling, the forward got his hat-trick with a shot that got deviated by one of the Czech Republic defenders.

It was already 4-0 in a quiet evening for Gareth Southgate’s England, Sterling was the standout of the night but Jadon Sancho also created enough problems to convince the gaffer that he deserved to play the full 90 minutes of this match at Wembley.

On his first start for England, Sancho passed the test with flying colors in a magical night for Raheem Sterling as well.

Near the end of the match, Kalas scored an unfortunate own goal for the final 5-0 result in England’s favor.

This result just proved that this England squad is well on its way to bring their best football to the biggest opponents in European football right now, the most competitive squads in the continent are currently watching the Three Lions get these results that should fill them with confidence.

Gareth Southgate’s squad will visit Montenegro next, the Czech Republic is set to play a friendly match against Brazil before this international break is over.

This convincing result must be a great deal of concern for the Netherlands National Team, the squad that is set to face England in the UEFA Nations League’s final four in June.

The Three Lions roared today with some of the best football they have produced in decades, the only doubt is if they will be able to play like this against more competitive opponents.

But we have a feeling that this England squad will be one of the main competitors of the next five years in every single tournament they play, they already proved that they have what it takes to reach a World Cup semifinal.

Thinking about possibly fighting for a title doesn’t seem so farfetched after all.

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