Rakitic doesn’t want to leave FC Barcelona any time soon

Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic revealed that he is not planning on leaving FC Barcelona anytime soon, he doesn’t mind De Jong’s competition.

In recent days after Frenkie de Jong was announced as FC Barcelona’s most recent transfer, midfielder Ivan Rakitic was described as one of the most obvious exits from FC Barcelona to leave the number ‘4’ jersey for the Dutchman.

This Monday there was a gala organized by Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo, where both him and Samuel Umtiti received the Extraordinary Repsol Award for their incredible World Cup performances last summer.

Both the French defender and Rakitic reached the Russia 2018 World Cup final and Samuel was the one who won the trophy, but Ivan’s performance during the tournament was more than enough for him to receive this recognition.

During the gala, the player was interviewed by Mundo Deportivo about his future in the club and he confessed that he will keep fighting to earn his place inside the squad because he currently feels like he is going through the best moment of his career.

Just like we mentioned in a recent analysis of his possibility, it’s highly unlikely that Ivan Rakitic leaves the Catalan club next summer despite the rumors.

“All I know is that I want to be here and if I have the chance to renew my contract, I would love to remain here for more years,” said Rakitic during the gala.

“I am very happy here, everybody knows it, the president most of all. I really have nothing else to say about this topic.”

“I don’t know if De Jong’s arrival can limit my playing time. That is a great question for the manager and the president.”

“People who know me are aware that I’m ready to always play. I face this whole situation very calmed and very eager to give 100%.”

“I am 30-years old and I think I am in the best moment of my career. I want to keep enjoying football and Barça.”

“I want to be here and renew my contract if possible, that will let me stay here for more years to come. But most of all, I want to have a great season and win many more trophies.”

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“I congratulate De Jong for signing with the best club in the world and also the club for bringing such an amazing transfer.”

“We obviously want to win the Copa del Rey. We know that reaching the final will be very complicated after the first result against Sevilla.”

“Playing against my former teammates will be very special, so to speak. However, we already turned the result around when we played against Levante and we want to do the same now so we can remain in the Copa,” he concluded.

There is still no clue what will happen with Ivan Rakitic and Barcelona, the press leaked this information of him being the best prospect to leave the club next summer for a reason.

Every single time information of this nature surfaces, it’s because someone inside the club is looking to rattle the cage and begin a war between player and club in order to push the footballer out of the institution.

Knowing what Ivan Rakitic’s posture is, we now know that we are in for an interesting next summer in which we are getting a little bit of drama between the club and Ivan Rakitic’s agent.

We also have Ernesto Valverde to consider here, because the manager will obviously take the player’s side in this battle and he could also leave the institution if the board members decide that they want to sell him to the highest bidder while they can still get an important amount of money for him.

This whole situation is in no way Frenkie de Jong’s fault, but he is already caught in the middle for the time he gets to wear a Barcelona jersey.

What do you think will happen between Ivan Rakitic and FC Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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