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Rakitic ready to take coronavirus risk to play football again

Ivan Rakitic, FC Barcelona
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Ivan Rakitic is desperate for football to restart and says he is willing to play even at the risk of getting affected by COVID-19.

FC Barcelona managed to leapfrog to the top of the La Liga table following Real Madrid‘s defeat to Real Betis earlier last month.

Barca had lost in El Clasico just a week before which dampened their chances of winning the league title, and the surprise lead came as a delight for them. But their delight was cut short as the outbreak of coronavirus soon forced all footballing activities in Spain to shut down.

With 2019/20 Eredivisie and Ligue 1 seasons getting abandoned, La Liga could also be forced to go through a similar situation. Spain’s health minister also earlier failed to offer any guarantee over football returning in the country anytime soon.

But Ivan Rakitic believes things could work out if people strictly adhere to the necessary coronavirus safety measures.

“I want to play,” Rakitic told Marca. “It is evident that we must try to return with the best sanitary guarantees. But we must also know that they will never be 100 percent.

“But that same risk will be borne by all workers on their return to work. They take that risk and I want to take it too.

“I think we have that debt. And I’m sure if we asked the fans, they would love for there to be football.”