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Rakitic reflects on his amazing goal vs Tottenham Hotspur

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Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic was really happy to contribute with Barcelona’s victory by scoring one of the best goals if his career.

It was arguably the most difficult moment for FC Barcelona at Wembley Stadium against a highly competitive Tottenham Hotspur, the perfect time when Ivan Rakitic stopped time and released a volley that is already being considered to become one of the best goals of this new season in the Champions League.

There are very few players who have this skill to hit the ball in mid-air like Rakitic did this Wednesday, it was a perfect combination between martial arts and ballet that anybody has ever seen in a football pitch before.

Even Rakitic was amazed by his own achievement after the match: “To be honest, I am very happy that I was able to help the team with that goal. We really wanted to play a good match and the first half was pretty good. There are still things that we need to improve though.”

“Scoring a goal like that at Wembley is not bad, not bad at all. But Tottenham has been able to hurt us with just a little effort, just like it has happened in other matches. My celebration was dedicated to my wife and daughters, like always,” said the Croatian midfielder about his goal.

Rakitic Also wanted to jump in the Leo Messi train: “We already know what Leo can do. It’s a pity how many times he has hit the post this season, too many times I think. He is our most important player and we all feel proud to have him on our side, we want it to stay that way.”

“I’m okay with the competition. We all must have the need to get angry and get competitive sometimes, otherwise, we look like we lack ambition. The most important thing to note here is that the competition is for the club’s own benefit.”

“There will be a lot of games to play for everyone. We keep improving and we keep learning from various situations both at the worst and the best level,” he added.