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Ralph Hasenhuttl ready to ensure Southampton avoid relegation

Ralph Hasenhüttl
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New Southampton coach Ralph Hasenhuttl is ready to steer the ship of the Saints in order to avoid relegation as he also seeks to mark an impact in England top flight.

Hasenhuttl will be at Southhampton for a two-and-a-half-year as stipulated in the contract he signed with the struggling Saints.

“I want to put my footsteps in the snow here,” Hasenhuttl, who led Inglostadt to promotion from the second tier before taking over at Leipzig, told the media via Goal.

“I think I did it at all the clubs before and often in similar situations to this one at the moment. It’s a bit back to the roots for me, last year was maybe easier because I had a fantastic Champions League team, and we were on a very high level tactically.”

“Maybe this step isn’t the easiest one, but I never wanted easy in my life. I’m always challenging myself, looking forward I’m not afraid of anything.”

“The first target is to get out of this relegation zone. The near future has to be about moving as quickly as we can,” he said.

“It’s tough enough. We know our schedule over Christmas. I’m not frightened about it, but the problem at the moment is that we have a lot of games in the next few days.”

“If you know my kind of football, you will know I’m about training sessions, working on habits. If you have the chance to do that, okay. If you don’t though, it’s not so easy to change something about the team. “

“My goal is to develop them as quickly as possible. We have to pay attention. We have one session tomorrow and it’s about getting stabilised very quickly, mainly in defence.”

“As you saw yesterday, it was too easy to score against us. While it was one of the top five teams in Tottenham, I felt it was too easy. You really need to have a good match plan.”