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Ramos leads Spain vs Sweden in Euro 2020 Qualifier

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Sergio Ramos did it again, he led Spain to another victory over Sweden in the Euro 2020 Qualifiers. La Roja leads Group F with 4/4 wins.

Even though we are still a long way from the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament, we can already predict that Spain will be there thanks to Sergio Ramos’ leadership.

The Real Madrid player keeps proving why he is one of the best players that La Roja currently has during the Qualifiers.

Spain played against Sweden at the Santiago Bernabeu this Monday and they got a convincing 3-0 victory.

The most important moments of this match didn’t come until the second half.

Spain struggled to find the openings they were looking for as they played against a very defensive Swedish side.

This Nordic squad had the same base of players that made things difficult for Germany in the 2018 World Cup, but Spain found the openings late in the second half.

A penalty was awarded after a handball was committed inside Sweden’s box, Sergio scored the first goal from the spot as the designated penalty-kick taker.

This initial result remained for several minutes, Sweden believed that a draw was possible for a long time at the Bernabeu.

However, the man who made the biggest difference was Alvaro Morata.

The Atletico Madrid striker was taken down inside the box with five minutes left on the clock, it was a new penalty for Spain.

Ramos’ kind gesture towards Morata.

It was Sergio Ramos the one who should’ve taken that penalty but the captain allowed Alvaro Morata to take the shot from the spot.

The Atletico Madrid striker scored the second goal for his side with relative ease, he also thanked Ramos for giving him the shot after the match.

Alvaro certainly didn’t expect Sergio to give him the ball, but the skipper explained his reasons after the match.

“We are happy with the result. We drained ourselves against an opponent that doesn’t let you maneuver very well and scoring a goal against them is incredibly difficult,” said Ramos via Marca.

“The first half was really complicated for us and we could get the result in the end. We finally got to score the first goal, which is a very important first step.”

“This is an important step towards the Euro 2020. We are also happy with the defensive work we completed, leaving a clean sheet was very important for us.”

“In the end, strikers live by scoring goals and Morata is a killer.”

“After I scored the first, there was no better way than to let a teammate score his in order to improve his confidence and he can score more goals later.”

“When you give your all, word and pride are collective. The result is what matters the most, not the players who score the goals.”

Oyarzabal’s debut goal.

The final minutes also gave us a better idea of which novice players could help the squad in the future. Mikel Oyarzabal scored a beautiful goal after an assist provided by Ruiz.

Spain got the final 3-0 victory and they have a total of 12 points after only four matches, they already have a 5-point lead over their closest rival.

Luis Enrique’s absence from the match due to a personal matter is not a problem that affects the squad too much.

The players had assistant manager Robert Moreno to support them during the game, that was more than enough for them to get that victory.

However, there is no doubt that the soul of this squad is captain Sergio Ramos.

The Real Madrid star is by far the most important element of this team, he will be the one who takes the players all the way to the European Championship next year.

Even his gesture to Alvaro Morata speaks volumes of the quality he has as a leader, there is no other man who can take this group of players all the way in any competition right now.

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