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Ramsey – I’m sorry for stealing your goal Cristiano

aaron ramsey , juventus
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Aaron Ramsey has apologized to teammate Cristiano Ronaldo, for stealing his goal.

Cristiano Ronaldo was chasing another goal and another record in last night’s Champions League clash between Lokomotiv Moscow and Juventus.

Ronaldo needed to score against Lokomotiv to break the record of scoring against the most clubs in the Champions League.

Well three minutes in, and there was a free-kick. Who else but Mr. CR7 himself steps ups, and hits a thunderbolt shot.

The shot was so powerful, that Moscow keeper, Guilherme spilled the ball through his legs.

As the ball rolled toward the goal line, a cheeky Aaron Ramsey snuck in and stole Rondalo’s thunder, goal and record all in one fell swoop.

In an interview reported by the National, Ramsey admitted, he felt bad for how the goal transpired.

He said:

“My instinct took over to make sure that it went over the line.”

“I’ve apologized to Cristiano.”

It doesn’t look like Ronaldo was too upset, he saved his wrath for Maurizio Sarri who subbed him out of the game later.