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Rangnick believes football is like a puzzle

Ralf Rangnick, Bundesliga
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German sporting director Ralf Rangnick sees his work in football like a jigsaw puzzle and he explains how he manages to make sense of it all.

Five German teams in the top six positions of the Bundesliga have head coaches that have learned from Ralf Rangnick.

And today the sporting director has explained how he sees football and what it means to him.

“We see it like a jigsaw with 500 pieces, and our role is to ensure that we have each piece available to help every player improve,” he told The Guardian.

“We help every individual in the whole club develop and flourish.”

“This only worked because all the players we had in the squad were those I had already signed as sporting director, so we had an existing relationship,” he added.

“It would have been impossible to do both in the long term.”

The German explained: “We can see where they are now and say we took the correct decisions at the time; that gives us a good feeling.”

“The most important thing for me was the amount of coaching we did on the pitch.”

“We always spurred each other on, coaching among ourselves or motivating each other. That was inspirational for me,” he continued.

“I am happy where I am but if any club wanted to speak to me, the question would have to be: ‘Can I be somebody who can influence areas of development across the whole club?’ Otherwise, you are only getting half of what I am capable of.”

“If, after that, you can work together in a trustworthy and respectful way, then you are more likely to be successful,” he concluded.