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Ranieri says Totti brought him back to Roma

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The Italian manager returned to his old club for a six-months sting, and he managed to make the team successful again.

Claudio Ranieri was called to a Roma return in March after the Italian Lega Serie A club was kicked off from the UEFA Champions League.

And while there, he managed to win six times, with only two defeats.

“The embrace of the fans will always stay with me, as will the pride of having led the team of my heart. That’ll never change,” the coach was quoted by Football Italia.

“I think a lot of Roma’s progression depends on the stadium and whether it’s built. It’s only logical that a club wants to do things properly.”

“They could raise more revenue by having their own stadium. They’re working well, but the fans want results on the field,” he added.

“The important thing now is to find a coach and sporting director and let everyone row on the same side.”

He explained: “Roma can fight for fourth place. Football is great because nothing is written. I think I proved that at Leicester and I wish them all the best.

“I send Francesco Totti my best wishes, choosing me had a big impact: there were those who wanted Paulo Sousa but instead he said he wanted me.”

“I don’t have any advice for De Rossi. He wants to play and I hope he plays for a team befitting of his stature,” he continued.

“It seemed to deliberately create a bit of chaos. We all know where it came from and so do the fans.”