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Ranking England’s greatest forward of all time

harry kane, england
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The Three Lions are being led by the resilient Harry Kane from the front but where does he rank in the debate of the best in white jersey.

Harry Kane has left his childhood disappointments behind. Arsenal fans have been made to pay and so have other Premier League defenses. There is no doubt that he will enter the discussion of the greatest.

Alan Shearer knows his Premier League goal tally is under threat. The former Newcastle United and Blackburn Rovers forward has found peace with that and his urging his countryman to take his record.

For the English national team, he has not let up. The number 9 is racking up goals at a rapid pace and it is only a matter of time that he becomes their record scorer.

There are no doubts that when the 26-year-old hangs up his boots, he will be regarded as the greatest forward to represent England. But who does he have to beat to be at the top for the Three Lions?