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Rashford apologized to Holding after causing him a long-term injury

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The Arsenal defender hasn’t played any competitive match since December 2018, after he was injured by Rashford in a game last year.

On December 2018, Arsenal and Manchester United played an important match at Old Trafford in the English Premier League.

And during the match, Red Devils’ striker Marcus Rashford caused a long-term injury to Gunners’ defender Rob Holding.

Holding ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee and was ruled out of the rest of the 2018-2019 season.

“Marcus text me when the [extent of the] injury came out,” Holding was quoted by Sky Sports.

“He just dropped me a text and just said, ‘Hi mate, sorry to hear about the injury, I didn’t mean it in any malicious way’.”

“I didn’t take it as a personal attack on me, it’s just football. I just replied to him like, ‘Yeah mate, don’t worry about it, it’s football, you didn’t even make a tackle, you just sort of ran into me, there’s nothing in it, I’m not going to be judging you off that’,” Holding added.

“I’ve got nothing but respect for him and just wished him the best for the season.”

“It wasn’t until a few nights when I was sort of in bed and on FaceTime to my girlfriend and just talking, and then thinking about it more, and then you sort of realize how long it’s going to be and you’re not going to play football, or kick a ball for three or four months,” he said.

“But yeah, that’s what it was and then it was just about a long road to recovery basically.”