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Rashford emulates his inner Ronaldo against Kosovo

Marcus Rashford, England
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Many comparisons were made between Marcus Rashford and a young Cristiano Ronaldo, who both impressed at Manchester United early on.

Rashford scored a beautiful free-kick winner against Chelsea in the League Cup a couple of weeks ago.

This free-kick was textbook Ronaldo style, and it must’ve caused some kind of PTSD for Chelsea fans.

However, Rashford has been playing in top form recently, earning more and more plaudits.

This time around, the victims were Kosovarian defenders.

A nutmeg and an ankle-breaking turn! Who doesn’t love to see that?

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be happy to see his ace make such swift progress this season. United looks better and better recently, with Rashford instigating a positive change.