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Rashford to be honored with a degree for his charity work

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Marcus Rashford will become the youngest person to ever be given an honorary degree from the University of Manchester.

Marcus Rashford was already a superstar for his abilities on the football field, but this year he became one off the field too for using his public notoriety to help those less fortunate.

If Rashford had taken the traditional route of school and then University, he would likely be graduating with a degree of some kind this year.

The Manchester United striker became a professional footballer instead and never pursued higher education.

Now though regardless of his grades or his scholastic achievements pre-football, he will receive the highest honor from Manchester University.

The redbrick establishment who have honored the likes of Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton in the past have bestowed a similar honor on Rahsford, and it is all down to momentous efforts to help others.

According to the club’s official website Manchester University president Dame Nancy Rothwell said:

“Marcus is an extraordinary young man with an extraordinary talent and drive that stretches well beyond the football field.”

“His work for charity and his high-profile campaign will not only help countless young people across our own city but across the entire country.”

“Our university has social responsibility at its core and this sense of civic pride and duty is something we are proud to share with Marcus. That is why the university is delighted to make Marcus our youngest ever recipient of an honorary degree.”

The confirmed the accolade.

While the player himself added:

“It’s a proud day for myself and my family. When you look at the great names that have been awarded this doctorate in the past, it’s humbling.”

“We still have a long way to go in the fight to combat child poverty in this country. Thank you to The University of Manchester.”