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Ray Parlour suggests Crystal Palace to sign Alfredo Morelos

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Alfredo Morelas has been linked with an exit from Rangers and the former Gunners player believes that he would be a great signing for Crystal Palace.

Steven Gerrard has already confirmed that Alfredo Morelos will be leaving the Ibrox this summer. However, only a big money deal would see the Colombian leave.

Alfredo Morelos has been linked with a move to China but the player might want to sign for a European side. Leicester City are also in the hunt for the striker.

The player missed Rangers’ warmup defeat at the hands of Oxford United due to injury. And Gerrard admits that the club will allow the striker to leave if a good offer came.

“I can’t control the speculation,” Gerrard admitted, “but as a club we haven’t got a decision to make because a bid hasn’t come of any sort.

“Does anyone want Alfredo Morelos? I don’t know, I can’t answer that question, but if they do they best bring a really, really big offer.

“It won’t happen late. A million per cent it won’t happen late, that’s for sure.

“So if someone wants to spend a lot of money on a centre-forward and they want my centre-forward, they will have to come early.

“If he did end up going he would be impossible to replace with days or weeks to go in the window. We don’t want to sell him, but you know and I know that every player has a price.

“I’m not going to sit here and say he’s not going out the door because if a bid lands that the board like and want to accept, it’s a completely different conversation. But that hasn’t happened. There hasn’t been one single bid.

“If teams are planning on waiting until days or the last week of the window, they are wasting their time.”

And while speaking to talkSPORT, Ray Parlour says that Crystal Palace could be the right team.

“Morelos looks like he could be off,” said the Arsenal legend. “Could he come into the Premier League? Somewhere like Crystal Palace?

“He’s a good goalscorer.”