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Ray Parlour wants Arnautovic to be sold

marko arnautovic
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The Arsenal legend has blasted Marko Arnautovic and has urged West Ham to sell a player who he has also branded “a disgrace”.

Marko Arnautovic is too keen to burn all bridges after once again agitating for an exit. With a lucrative contract on the table, the Austrian has had his head turned and will not be convinced into changing his stance.

This has created a lot of problems for West Ham who are eager to offload Arnautovic in a bid to avoid the club’s atmosphere becoming toxic. And Parlour says that the club needs to sell the player immediately and went as far as to calling him a disgrace.

“I think he’s been a disgrace,” the former Arsenal midfielder said on Friday’s Sports Breakfast.

“It’s not right, it’s not how to act as a footballer. You can leave clubs, but you do it in the right way, you do it with dignity.

“Those fans have supported him all the way through his career and I’ve been to West ham when they’re chanting his name, he’s the main man and he looks like he’s enjoying his football.”

“If I was in that dressing room, I’d be saying: ‘Get rid of him, we don’t need him, we can get other players in with the money, let’s replace him’.

“He’ll probably go to China and we’ll never hear of him again, like Oscar from Chelsea.

“You’d be disappointed as a team-mate, but you’ve got to get these sort of players out the door quickly and move on.

“You imagine Mark Noble, he’s played for West Ham his whole life and will do anything to get West Ham to win games, and every time the transfer window opens his team-mate wants to leave.

“It’s not great for the dressing room.”

Quite clearly, Arnautovic leaving West Ham seems to be the right move.