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RB Leipzig is ready to challenge Bayern

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RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann thinks his team can challenge current German Bundesliga champions next season.

RB Leipzig finished in the third position of the German Bundesliga table last season, 12 points behind champions Bayern Munich.

And according to coach Julian Nagelsmann, his team will be able to challenge the Bavarians.

“I think we’re all already in a position to challenge Bayern,” he was quoted by the Bundesliga official website.

“But it’s not only Bayern – there are a lot of interesting teams this year, with a lot of new coaches and changes.”

“I’m concentrating on us, on my lads, and what they’re saying,” he added.

“What we bring to the field is what matters – we’re focusing on our performance.”

“Of course it’s nice that Marco Reus thinks we can do something. Likewise, I think that Dortmund has a very good squad. But that’s quite normal… That’s also good for the league,” he commented.

“I think that there are quite a few ambitious teams. And we’re also among those ambitious teams.”

“It’s good that some in the squad already have some, and that the coach has already done it too. And that will increase the likelihood that we can play in a more stable manner than last time,” he continued saying.

“We’re an extremely young team. How quickly will the team handle the strain? We haven’t had 100 Champions League games but such experience is few and far between.”