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Real Madrid Castilla blasted for fielding ‘€30m Reinier and €54m Rodrygo’

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Real Madrid have seen their Castilla team criticized for fielding Reinier and Rodrygo in their games in the Spanish Segunda B division.

A rival club recently claimed it was bias and claimed the other 80 teams combined could not afford to buy one of the players.

Reinier scored a brace as the Real Madrid second team, coached by Raul, cruised to a 4-0 win over Coruxo on Saturday.

Rodrygo, who has a hat-trick in the Champions League this season, scored a late goal to seal a win over SS Reyes two weeks ago.

Coruxo weren’t pleased and responded angrily to a tweet by a Spanish TV network that referenced Reinier’s €30 million fee.

“[Real Madrid] are happy with their €30m [player],” the Galician side tweeted, “even if other La Liga clubs can’t invest that much.

“If we put together all 80 teams in our division, we still couldn’t raise that much money.

“Two weeks ago Rodrygo, €54m, saved them at the end of the match.”

It’s not Real Madrid’s fault their B team can have those players and the debate has sparked about whether hose players should be fielded or not.

Despite Saturday’s result, Coruxo remain ahead of Real Madrid Castilla in the standings in fifth place on 41 points.

Rodrygo is now back with the first team following an injury to Eden Hazard.