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Real Madrid could prevent James’ exit amid Asensio’s injury

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According to reports from Marca, Marco Asensio suffered a grave knee ligament injury and this could make James Rodriguez stay.

Marco Asensio was the best player in Real Madrid’s friendly against Arsenal, but the young Spaniard suffered a knee injury that may force James to stay.

The Colombian playmaker was one of Zinedine Zidane’s discarded players, he had already decided to leave Isco and Asensio as his two options for that position but the ladder suffered what appears a horrific knee injury.

The young Spaniard was starting to remind us of the player who started his career with Los Blancos in style, he scored one of the club’s two goals and was a constant danger to Arsenal on Tuesday.

However, there was a moment in which he made a false step and immediately suffered pain.

The reaction from Marco was quite evident, he knew something grave just happened to his leg.

We all thought that his ankle was the problem at first, but Zidane later confirmed that Asensio injured his knee and it looks very serious.

The player was taken out on a stretcher with tears in his eyes, it doesn’t look good at all for Marco.

These types of injuries are famous for keeping players out of the game for several months, which is something that directly affects Zidane’s plans for the season.

The French manager immediately lamented the situation, he knows how delicate those injuries tend to become for young players.

When asked about the situation, ‘Zizou’ was very clear about the club’s concern, but the initial results are not encouraging.

There are images of Marco leaving Fedex Stadium on board of an ambulance and in a hurry, which is very concerning for the club.

Marca was the first one to point out that Asensio has injured his knee ligament, this might be a complete tear and he could be out for the majority of the season.

“I hope his injury is not concerning, but I am worried. We are all a little worried. It’s the knee,” said Zidane after the match.

“He had to leave directly to the hospital to undergo tests and we’ll see what happens. But this doesn’t look good.”

“This was the bad news of the day for us because we lose a player and we are a little hurt about it, yes.”

“We are all very worried about Marco, we hope it’s not as grave as it looks from a distance. We hope everything is okay with him,” added Zidane before starting to analyze the team’s performance against Arsenal.

James arrived in Madrid on Tuesday.

If Marca’s report is correct, this means that Zinedine Zidane will have to either sign a player in his position or refuse to sell one of the footballers he didn’t want.

With Dani Ceballos likely playing for Arsenal, this new injury opens up the door for James Rodriguez.

The Colombian player knew that staying at Real Madrid was also an option, but his wish was to leave the club because the French manager made it very clear that he didn’t want to keep the star.

Now that things have drastically changed for everybody, it appears James has more leverage to negotiate conditions to his contract and maybe even a raise.

Reports from inside the dressing room after the match revealed that Zidane requested Florentino to delay James’ exit.

It is also disclosed that the French manager doubled down on his desire to sign Paul Pogba with Asensio’s injury in mind.

‘Zizou’ directly asked Perez if going after the French midfielder with “everything” they had was a possibility given the recent events.

This might be the ideal opportunity that Zidane was expecting in order to push the president to make a giant offer for Paul, an unfortunate situation but also quite convenient for the manager’s wishes.

Which scenario would you prefer? James staying at the club or Florentino making a giant offer for Pogba? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.