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Real Madrid, from Neymar and Mbappé to Mariano

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After Real Madrid’s latest signing, we analyze how Los Blancos went from trying to sign Neymar or Kylian Mbappé, to signing Mariano from Lyon.

The whole deal with Real Madrid’s latest transfer is an absolute fiasco, they ended up signing club product Mariano Diaz when they started the summer bragging about possibly getting either Neymar or Kylian Mbappé. But how did all that drama come about and why is suddenly the club’s inner circle selling the idea that the Dominican striker is the hottest transfer of the summer? Well, the answer to that can be traced all the way to last year when Real Madrid allowed Mariano to leave the club for €8 million. The player wasn’t Zinedine Zidane’s favorite player and very few people in the club trusted him, Florentino Perez did like his winning mentality but there is no way that the club’s president believed Mariano to be the club’s savior. But his transfer this summer became a last resort kind of deal simply because the Spanish giants still haven’t been able to land a proper Cristiano Ronaldo replacement, and they may not get it by Friday which is why they have opted to hype this man as the next Ballon d’Or.

Neymar falls from grace.

But we must leave the whole Mariano deal aside for a minute because first, we need to talk about how Neymar’s apparently imminent transfer got completely canned because of a small list of reasons. The first one was that the Brazilian player had a frankly terrible World Cup performance with Brazil, Florentino Perez didn’t like this and started to lose interest at least for this summer. Another reason why Real Madrid didn’t sign Neymar is due to the risk that the club would’ve taken by closing the deal for a player who just came out of a nasty injury and still hasn’t reached his best form. In Ligue 1 during the start of this season, we have already seen how Neymar still has doubts when he goes to take on defenders and looks afraid to pick up a new injury. Bone fractures in football players tend to have a negative psychological effect that can be tricky to overcome. The last but just as important reason the Brazilian is not wearing white, is because Florentino Perez doesn’t want to anger Paris Saint-Germain’s owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi. This is where the whole Kylian Mbappé situation comes into play.

The French gem Florentino put his eyes on.

Maybe not for this season because PSG look adamant on keeping all their stars, but Florentino Perez is very interested in buying French youngster Kylian Mbappé in the future and keeping a healthy relationship with the club is key for him to fulfill his intentions. The new World Cup champion started the season in a state of grace that very few players at his age have mastered, there is no telling how far will Kylian Mbappé get but we are already thinking about Messi or Ronaldo levels of performance at only 18-years-old. For every single club in Europe, this player is arguably the most coveted in the transfer market but he is not for sale at the moment and he won’t be for some time. So this leaves Real Madrid empty-handed and with their followers fuming about not having a player who has the talent to replace Cristiano Ronaldo, even if they already have other great forwards like Gareth Bale or Marco Asensio. And for some reason, the club’s marketing department thought it was a good idea to sell that Mariano Diaz was the answer to Los Blancos’ Ronaldo blues.

The Real Madrid board even stepped over the line of political correctness and decided to pursue a player that La Liga rival Sevilla was pursuing, they even asked Real Madrid if they would like to sign Mariano because they were interested and Los Blancos said no at first. Because despite the player’s amazing season in Ligue 1, Olympique Lyonnais first told the Spanish giants that if they wanted him this season they were going to have to pay around €70 million for his services. With this information, Real Madrid was obviously not going to pursue the striker, but for Lyon selling Mariano to Sevilla meant that they were willing to offer him for a much lower cost. So knowing that they had 35% of the player’s right and after they knew his price tag in the whole negotiation with Sevilla, Real Madrid suddenly had a change of heart and snatched the player from under the Andalucian club’s nose. A cheeky move that nobody un Sevilla particularly liked and another reason for them to hate Los Blancos like it has been historically. Mariano isn’t the answer for Real Madrid’s problems, he was a way of taking a good player from a potential title contender but that’s it.

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