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Real Madrid rescues a draw at Camp Nou vs Barcelona

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An early opener from Lucas Vazquez gave Real Madrid the advantage during the second half, but Malcom tied the game for Barcelona in the second half.

With the unexpected news of Lionel Messi missing from the starting lineup between Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Copa del Rey Clasico started with an odd set of players from the Catalan club and the familiar lineup from manager Santiago Solari on his first crack at El Clasico as the manager.

Things seemed to work for the Argentine from the very beginning, he knew that they needed to score an early goal and get that advantage with the idea that Leo Messi wasn’t on the pitch because he would revolutionize the game from the moment he came on.

This wager worked from the very start for Los Blancos, Karim Benzema continued his top form streak after assisting Lucas Vazquez to score an early first goal for Real Madrid.

The Blaugrana were starting to look worried, but they tried to ignore the disadvantage and play their football without Leo Messi.

Brazilian Malcom actually had a good performance considering the huge task ahead of him, he was supposed to fill the hole that Leo left from the start of the game and his efforts were recognized by the fans.

Whether it was through defensive efforts or combinations with Luis Suarez, Malcom was on point this evening at Camp Nou.

After going to rest to the dressing rooms with the initial disadvantage, manager Ernesto Valverde demanded a better performance from all the Barcelona players during the second half.

Lionel Messi still didn’t get on the pitch for the second half despite the disadvantage, it was clear that he wasn’t at 100% capacity as the managers said throughout the week but this gave other Barcelona players a chance to prove that they are not so Messi-dependant.

Ernesto Valverde’s plan was to give Messi the final thirty minutes of the match to get things right for Barcelona, but a goal before the Argentine came on the pitch was the ideal scenario that everybody was looking for.

This moment came through Malcom’s effort just three minutes before Messi came in, as Luis Suarez hit the post with a shot and the Brazilian took the rebound to score the Catalan club’s equalizer.

This effort from the young winger was rewarded by manager Ernesto Valverde, who decided to leave him on the pitch for a few more minutes and let him play alongside Leo Messi for the final 30 minutes.

The fans were expecting Lionel to score a goal or do something important that could help Barcelona get that victory at home, winning today was very important for the Catalan club if they wanted to play the second leg with less pressure.

Real Madrid seemed against the ropes for the first five minutes the Messi started playing, but the Argentine wasn’t able to get the advantage in time.

Solari made some slight modifications and the game was levelled again, Los Blancos were very competitive during the final 15 minutes of the match and the final result was still very unpredictable.

The final minutes were the key moment for Gareth Bale to possibly leave his mark, he came in to replace Vinicius but wasn’t able to produce what people expected from him.

There was a moment in which he had the chance to score the winning goal with practically no defenders, but his shot was too deviated and he wasted one of the main opportunities for Real Madrid.

The match finally ended in a 1-1 draw that leaves everything pending for the second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu next week, but Real Madrid got a very positive result against Barcelona and they have a big chance to eliminate them from the competition.

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