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Real Madrid’s old guard wins in Balaidos vs Celta de Vigo

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With goals from Benzema, Toni Kroos, and Lucas Vazquez, Real Madrid defeated Celta de Vigo in Balaidos on Saturday.

It’s funny how things seem to work for Real Madrid when they have Zidane as the manager, they had an apparently difficult La Liga opener against Celta this Saturday.

The very same players who were considered failures last season were the same ones the manager lined up today, they needed to respond to his trust.

Even Vinicius Junior was part of the squad that ‘Zizou’ decided to use for today’s first challenge of the season, the players didn’t fail in Balaidos.

The most surprising player inside the line up was Gareth Bale, Zinedine Zidane decided to give the Welshman his first start of the season.

All the players from the old guard were the ones who brought Real Madrid’s victory this Saturday.

The differences between the manager and Gareth were left behind when things got serious, the Welsh winger was an absolute delight against Celta.

At around the 12th minute, Bale assisted Karim Benzema for Real Madrid’s first goal of the afternoon.

It was through a precise cross from the left-wing, an action in which Vinicius Junior appeared to touch the ball but the replay proved Karim was the one who pushed it in.

Celta showed a certain resilience during the rest of the first half, they didn’t allow another goal until the second half.

After the break, Real Madrid was still dominating the game but they were endangered after Luka Modric received a red card for a foul that VAR corroborated.

The Croatian midfielder stepped on a rival’s ankle, this is completely unacceptable by the referee and sending Luka off was a good call.

The problem was that Los Blancos improved after the current Ballon d’Or left the pitch, they scored the second goal of the evening through an incredible strike from Toni Kroos.

The German player sent a missile from a long distance that plunged through the top corner, this goal gave Los Blancos a more relaxed demeanor despite having one less player.

It didn’t take them too long to score a third goal during the second half, they did it through Lucas Vazquez after getting an assist from Karim Benzema.

Celta didn’t have much to do as a response, they did score one goal during the final minutes of the game through Iker Losada.

But the local squad pulled one back a little too late, Zidane’s squad passed the first important test of the season with flying colors.

No James in the lineup.

We do have to talk about the fact that Zinedine Zidane didn’t give any minutes to James Rodriguez, but this probably happened because Luka Modric was sent off during the second half.

If this hadn’t happened, we are certain that the Colombian player would’ve played a few minutes in Vigo without a problem.

We keep talking about the fortune that Zidane has as a manager, it smiled upon him this Saturday once again.

All the substitutions worked and he basically didn’t fail on his first match of the season, something that Barcelona’s Ernesto Valverde can’t say.

Things turned around for both squads after only one match, the first one in La Liga’s new season.

But don’t let this result fool you, this Real Madrid squad still needs a player such as Paul Pogba.

Today’s result is in no way indicative of a manager who believes he can compete for titles this season with what he does have, Zidane won’t give up on Paul until the very last minutes of the transfer deadline.

Today’s result is only a lifeline for the manager, who keeps proving he is the ideal coach for a club as giant as Real Madrid.

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