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“Real Ronaldo” talk is getting boring

Ronaldo, Ronaldo
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Ronaldo Nazario has had his fill of comparisons with a player he considers great is his own right, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Back in the 1990s, Ronaldo Nazario entered the footballing world. Then in the mid-2000s, Cristiano Ronaldo came along.

The pair are footballing legends in their own right.

Nazario took the footballing world by storm as a youngster. Being declared the best footballer in the World during spells with Barcelona and Inter Milan.

But for some serious injuries, he may have gone on to conquer even more of the world.

Cristiano began his quest for world dominance slightly later but has gone on to do so for considerably longer than his namesake.

The great debate of who is greatest rages on, but Nazario has been dubbed the “original” Ronaldo. This is something that he believes has become old news and that CR7 deserves his own credit for his great achievements.

Speaking on Instagram Live with Fabio Cannavaro he insists it must get boring.

He said:

“For CR7, it must be boring to hear that I am the real Ronaldo.”

“People cannot be compared. Cristiano will remain in football history for the goals and for the continuity he has achieved.”

“He will remain one of the best, like Messi.”

The argument will surely range on for all of footballing eternity.