Former manager, Harry Redknapp believes that Manchester will be a really tough prospect in Europe next season and has backed them to go all the way.

While Harry Redknapp might have retired from football management, his opinion carries a lot of sway. The former Tottenham manager saw how things transpired for the English teams in Europe. Chelsea and Arsenal played the Europa League final while Liverpool and Tottenham featured in the Champions League final.

This is something that hasn’t happened before. Manchester City romped towards another Premier League title. Sadly, the Citizens fell short in Europe once again. And Redknapp feels that next season might be different for the Manchester giants.

The Englishman believes that after seeing European glory desert them, City might turn things around. While speaking to media, as reported by The Mirror, Redknapp said that English clubs will continue dominating the Champions League.

He said that Manchester City will go on to win the next edition.

“I really feel this next few years, the Champions League is going to be made for the English clubs.

“We’ve got Man City next year, I fancy them next year. I think it’s their turn to win it.

Harry Redknapp

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“If I had to have a bet now on next year’s winners, I’d want to be with Man City.”

Redknapp also spoke about Liverpool’s stunning comeback against Barcelona in the semifinal last season.

“I mean the two semi-finals were two of the great games we’ll ever see,” Redknapp declared.

“The Barcelona game, that Liverpool performance, was just amazing, then Tottenham coming back in the second half against Ajax was incredible as well.

“I look around now, and I really can see us dominating for the next few years.

Redknapp also feels that Real Madrid are in decline.

“I think it looks to me that Real Madrid are in decline, Barcelona don’t look what they were, Liverpool showed they are nothing to fear.”


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