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Redknapp backs nephew Lampard in Klopp row

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Harry Redknapp weighed in on nephew Frank Lampard’s row with Jurgen Klopp and told the Liverpool manager not to share unwanted advice. 

Lampard was visibly annoyed with Liverpool bench during Chelsea’s 5-3 loss at Anfield. A week later, it continues to grace headlines. 

Neither Lampard nor Klopp refused to let it go in the media, and now Redknapp has joined the discussion. 

The former Tottenham and West Ham manager shared that the Chelsea manager does not need any advice. He pointed out to his background and shared, Lampard knows the ins and outs of the game from an early age. 

“Frank has been around professional football since he was a toddler,” he told The Sun.

“He doesn’t need advice from anyone, although I’ve lots of respect for Klopp.”

“Frank is very calm usually, he doesn’t tend to get involved in things like this.”

“For him to react like that, it must have been something to really wind him up.”

Redknapp added that there is not a lot in the disagreement. He reflected that Frank respects Klopp and will have moved on from it by now. 

“Frank respects Jurgen. And I know he will just want to shake hands on it if he can and move on.”

“You don’t play so long at the very top and then become a Premier League manager so quickly if you don’t have brains.”

“It would be good for them just to put it behind them.”

“Their paths will cross and it doesn’t help either of them if they can’t just see it as one of those moments when tempers are frayed.”

Despite the loss at Anfield, Chelsea secured Champions League qualification after finishing in fourth place. The Blues defeated Wolverhampton Wanderers on the final day to secure their place.