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Referee Zambrano explains how he was always communicating with the VAR

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The official of the Brazil-Argentina match in the 2019 Copa America Semifinal said he never lost communication with the technology.

The work of Ecuadorian referee Roddy Zambrano was questioned by Argentinean players, fans, and media experts after the Albiceleste was defeated 2-0 by Brazil.

Argentina was kicked out of the 2019 Copa America Semifinal and footballers like Lionel Messi attacked the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology and the work of Zambrano.

But according to the Ecuadorian, he never lost communication with the VAR and everything worked as planned.

“We never lost communication, I do not understand how you can invent that, everything that is said on the court is recorded, to me, the VAR never notified me to get close, the match ended well,” Zambrano told Olé.

“In that play, why do not they show the image behind the goal? Agüero makes a reckless lack, a play kicked off Brazil and scored Brazil, I appreciated that and I sent them to play.”

He explained: “In a corner shot it is very complicated to see 18 players in the area that are held, pushed.”

“I saw when the player was down, not the infraction, the VAR checked and said it was a gray move, Otamendi also tried to crash when defending and that defender does his thing, but whoever proposes and seeks is Otamendi.”

“It would have been better if the VAR had called me to evaluate myself. I would have liked to have that image again. But we always had communication (…) There was never interference,” Zambrano concluded.