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Refereeing legend Pierluigi Collina weighs in on VAR

Pierluigi Collina
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Perhaps the most famous referee of all, Pierluigi Collina has given his thoughts on VAR and how officials should be using it.

The Italian refereeing legend Collina has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the new technology introduced to football, VAR.

Collina became the face of football referees. With his no-nonsense approach to the game. That shiny bald head and those glaring eyes.

He was widely regarded as the best referee on the planet. With a firm but a fair approach that players either respected or feared.

On his 60th birthday, he has decided to address the changing face of football. Calling on his one time colleagues to not depend on this new technology.

Speaking to Gazzetta Dello Sport, he insists that referees quite simply need to continue to officiate. Acting as if the technology is not there.

Collina feels that referees are simply depending on VAR.

He said:

“The referee must decide as if the technology didn’t exist.”

“The goal is to not need VAR because the decisions are correct and that’s why we work through the preparation.”

“He knows that there’s a parachute that could help him correct an error.”

“Even if the error remains and whoever judges the referee doesn’t forget it.”

“The referee must know everything about the game, analyzing videos to learn about the tactics and characteristics of the players.”

“In my time, it was done extemporaneously, today it’s an integral part of the preparation.”