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Reine-Adelaide explains how he managed Arsenal rejection

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The 21-year-old was let go by the Gunners in 2018, and now he’s enjoying his time with Angers in the French Ligue 1.

French midfielder Jeff Reine-Adelaide debuted professionally with Lens II in 2015.

But that same year he moved to the English Premier League to play with Arsenal.

And he never appeared in the English top-flight, playing only eight games in the Football League Cup and the FA Cup.

In 2018 he was loaned to Angers in the French Ligue 1, and he made such an impact that he was bought definitely by the team the same year.

“It is true that I would like to speak a little less of Arsenal,” Reine-Adelaide told Goal.

“I was young. It was complicated.”

“There was so much competition that it was difficult to get into the coach’s line-up,” he added.

“He [Unai Emery] told me that the club did not rely too much on me. I took a blow, but Angers was on the lookout.”

“It was a new chance, a new beginning. The train does not pass often and I was happy to get back in the right car,” he said.

“Of course. It’s a reward. My season had started well, then I had a hole. I bounced back and today I am rewarded for my work.”

He explained: “I invested a lot and it is the reward of a beautiful season.”

“This is clearly the position I feel best. I started there when I was younger. After, I was on the wings, but for me, it is where I can most exploit my qualities best.”

“I am a ballplayer and in the middle, it is we who dictate the game. We must do it wisely, helping our partners,” he commented.

“We must defend as well. I especially like to command the tempo. I look a lot at professional players in this position, and some inspire me a lot.”