Reiss Nelson, Hoffenheim’s Jadon Sancho doppelganger

Time to talk about another one of the biggest young talents in English football, who of course is the Jadon Sancho look-alike and friend: Reiss Nelson.

As we ride the wave of the Jadon Sancho hype there was another one coming right behind him, his good friend Reiss Nelson who is an Arsenal product and perhaps one of Arsene Wenger’s last discoveries.

Another London kid with a similar look to Sancho, has many more similarities with the Borussia Dortmund star than we imagined.

From their time together at the youth categories in the England squad, every single manager that coached them during this time noticed that these two were something special on their own but together were pure dynamite.

As we know how Sancho tends to go on the right wing where he feels on his element, Reiss does the same from the left wing but he has no problem trading places with his pal when the situation demands it.

The difference between both players is that Nelson actually takes far more risks than Jadon Sancho does when they are facing opponents, one could even say that the Arsenal product may be more injury-prone throughout his career because of how much he taunts his rivals during a match.

But playing in the Bundesliga with Hoffenheim has helped him tremendously, Reiss Nelson already is one of the best players in Germany.

On his breakthrough season with the German club, Nelson has already scored six goals and earned a spot on Julian Nagelsmann’s starting XI.

The youngest ever Bundesliga manager knows how important youth is for football to grow, which is why he didn’t hesitate to bring Nelson when the opportunity presented itself.

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Sadly for Hoffenheim fans, Nelson won’t last long in the Bundesliga because he signed a new contract for Arsenal back in August 2018 and he has to go back to play for Unai Emery’s Gunners.

Nelson has a very clear objective in his head, which is to try and earn a spot with the London club and help them win trophies as soon as he returns from this loan.

The Bundesliga has now understood that getting young players from other countries on loan is a tactic that has been paying off tremendously in the past, Nelson is only one example of many skilled youngsters who are hungry to prove they are good enough for greater challenges.

Reiss Nelson has the type of skill for which the biggest clubs in the world would pay millions of pounds, that winger-type of attacking-player is very coveted in modern football.

Reiss Nelson’s England dream

Just like Jadon Sancho did it last year after breaking through Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga, Reiss Nelson is eagerly waiting for his call-up from manager Gareth Southgate to represent the Three Lions in the upcoming European Championship Qualifiers.

Before that exciting UEFA Nations League match against Holland in June, the English will have to face the Czech Republic and Montenegro in March.

These two matches are the ideal scenario for a player such as Reiss Nelson to make his international debut with the major squad, the Three Lions have been producing another Golden Generation of players in the last decade and this kid would be one of the latest additions to the already star-studded roster.

We could also get the rewarding moment in which both Nelson and Sancho get their crack at playing together for England on the first squad, perhaps one of the biggest goals that both players have and something that may happen a little over a month from now.

We thing Nelson has come here to stay, let us hope he keeps evolving and growing in order to become the player he aspires to be someday.

What do you think about the possible association that Reiss Nelson and Jadon Sancho could form for England? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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