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Relevent sues the U.S. Soccer Federation

PORTO ALEGRE, BRAZIL - November 1: Fernandinho of Gremio battles for the ball against Eli Esterilla of Barcelona de Guayaquil during Gremio v Barcelona de Guayaquil match, part of Copa Bridgestone Libertadores 2017 Semi-Finals, at Arena do Gremio on November 1, 2017, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. (Photo by Lucas Uebel/Getty Images)
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The sports company wanted to organize an official Ecuadorian league match in Miami, but the USSF refused to allow it.

Relevent, the sports company that wants to take an official Spanish La Liga match to the United States, has sued the U.S. Soccer Federation (USSF) for not allowing them to organize an official Ecuadorian league match in Miami.

Everything was set to see Barcelona SC and Guayaquil City FC at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on May 5th, but the USSF did not sanction the game, and now Relevent is suing them for unfair competition.

According to ESPN, the suit alleges that the USSF’s decision violated its stated purpose “to promote, govern, coordinate, and administer the growth and development of soccer in all its recognized forms in the United States for all persons of all ages and abilities, including national teams and international games and tournaments.”

According to Relevent, the federation is required to sanction a match unless “the federation decides by clear and convincing evidence that staging the match would be detrimental to the sport of soccer.”

“The decision is economically conflicted and is abusing its authority, in order to protect Major League Soccer [“MLS”], a for-profit entity with which USSF has extremely close financial and personal ties.”

“In refusing to sanction Relevent’s application, USSF has thus elevated the economic interest of a select group of its members over its statutorily mandated purpose,” the suit reads.

“The decision is as arbitrary [it cannot be supported by a rational factual basis] as it is capricious [it represents a willful disservice to American soccer in the name of profit]. It is also [sic] represents a failure to perform a duty enjoined on it by law. USSF’s decision to ignore or deny Relevent’s application must be annulled, and the match must be allowed to proceed.”

Whatever happens, will have a great impact on the world of football.