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Remembering Alessandro Del Piero’s exquisite quality

Alessandro Del Piero
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On the day of his 45th birthday, we take some time to remember the exquisite quality player that was Alessandro Del Piero. 

Alessandro Del Piero turns 45 years of age today, it’s the perfect time to remember the exquisite quality he had throughout his professional career.

The last great number ’10’ player in Juventus’ history, and arguably the best player that the Old Lady ever had.

Del Piero truly marked an era of success at Juventus, he left many records that will remain there for many years.

In regards to titles with his beloved club, Del Piero won an impressive 16 trophies during the 19 years he played for the club.

The accolades included 6 Serie A titles and the UEFA Champions League in 1997, Del Piero also played another two finals which he unfortunately lost.

There isn’t another player in Juventus’ history who can be considered a bigger legend than he is, he left several stats that no other player will ever match.

With 705 appearances in all competitions, Alex remains as the most capped player in Juventus’ history.

A total of 478 caps came in Serie A with the Old Lady, which is also the club’s all-time record.

The 290 goals he scored at Juventus also left him as the club’s all-time top scorer, Del Piero is clearly the most revered player in this club’s history.

However, we didn’t come to talk about the forward’s many records. 

Enter ‘Pinturicchio’. 

When he started his career at Juventus after a short spell playing for Padova, he was recruited by Juventus in 1993 as one of the biggest Italian prospects at the time.

Contrary to the tradition in the country, Del Piero was part of a rare breed of playmakers who appear once every generation in Serie A.

During that era, the famous playmaker of the moment was Roberto Baggio. The legendary forward was the Juventus star at the time and Del Piero had the luxury of learning from the best during his initial years at the club.

Due to both of their exquisite quality with the ball at their feet, Gianni Agnello famously nicknamed Baggio and Del Piero in the name of famous Renaissance artists.

Due to the nature of the master and pupil that Baggio and Del Piero portrayed at the time, Agnelli respectively named them Rafaello and Pinturicchio.

To those who aren’t aware of the reference, the former was a painter from the Italian renaissance and the ladder was one of his brightest pupils.

By the time Roberto Baggio left Juventus, it was time for Del Piero to take control of the situation and lead his squad to greater glories.

The ’90s was the era in which we experienced Del Piero’s most impressive level of performance. 

Even when Ronaldo Nazario arrived in Italy, the media compared the Brazilian with Alex and the two most important clubs in the country were Inter and Juventus.

The reason we love Alex’s quality is because of the elegance he expressed inside the pitch, he glided through it like a swan does inside a lake.

One of Del Piero’s most impressive specialties was his touch. Whether it was with a long pass, a long-range shot, or a free-kick.

Alex always made sure that people enjoyed the was he struck the ball, and he always delivered results.

This same quality was the one that made him one of the few select players who came out of the pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium with a standing ovation.

During that late ‘2000s UEFA Champions League match, the Juventus captain scored a beautiful free-kick during a group stage match against Los Blancos.

Alex is another one of those elite players who were always courted by the most important clubs in Europe, but he never left the institution.

In fact, Del Piero is arguably one of the most faithful footballers in the history of the game.

Back when the Old Lady was sanctioned and relegated in 2006 due to a match-fixing scandal, he could’ve easily left the club but he decided to stay.

It took Juventus only a year to return to Serie A due to Alessandro Del Piero’s loyalty and immense quality. We wish ‘Pinturicchio’ a very happy birthday!

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