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Remembering Barcelona’s magical comeback vs PSG

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We celebrate two years since that incredible Champions League night in which FC Barcelona came back from a 4-0 defeat against PSG at Camp Nou.

It’s already been two years since that incredible night that Camp Nou stadium lived in the Champions League, as FC Barcelona came back from a shocking 4-0 deficit against PSG during the 2016-17 season.

Although the Catalan club wasn’t able to win that year’s tournament, this match will remain as one of the greatest nights in the club’s history due to how impressive the feat was.

There haven’t been many comebacks quite like that one since the competition was created at the start of the ’90s decade, nobody even believed that FC Barcelona would be able to recuperate from the disastrous result at Parc des Princes and they managed to come back from the ground thanks to a mercurial performance from Neymar Junior of all people.

Not even the books had FC Barcelona as the favorite at this point, PSG was already considered one of the best clubs in the world at the time they were managed by Unai Emery.

This was one of the many nightmares that owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi had to endure in the seven consecutive seasons that his squad has been eliminated from the competition, the latest defeat against Manchester United pales in comparison with this one and it will remain in the Paris Saint-Germain fans’ memories until the day they die.

The initial result had all the Barcelona fans hanging from a thread, they truly believed that a comeback would be impossible at first and they honestly felt like Paris Saint-Germain would be able to score at least one goal at Camp Nou.

When the match started, FC Barcelona knew that they would really need a quick reaction with a goal during the initial minutes.

Uruguay striker Luis Suarez was the man who gave them that push forward with a goal before the first five minutes of the match, Andres Iniesta brought the second goal after making Kurzawa score an own goal with a beautiful backheel attempt inside the box.

But as half time arrived at Camp Nou, FC Barcelona was only two goals up and they still needed two more.

The problem at this point was that a single PSG goal would complicate things quite a bit for them, as Barcelona would have to score four goals if that happened.

Initially during the second half, Lionel Messi gave the Barça fans another breather after he scored a penalty that put his squad 3-0 ahead and they only needed one more goal to get that result.

But everything got distorted right past the hour of the match, after Edinson Cavani scored that goal that gave PSG the hope of eliminating Barcelona.


The Catalan club needed three more goals and they really tried during the final half hour of the game, the match only got three minutes left on the clock and the scoreline remained the same.

This is the moment in which Neymar finally appeared, the Brazilian played possibly the best game of his career during those final minutes and this is what prompted Nasser Al-Khelaifi to sign him on the next summer for PSG.

The Ney got the first of the three goals needed through a gorgeous free-kick that went straight to the top corner, he then scored the next one through a penalty after getting knocked-down inside the box and asking Messi to take it.

Time was running out and Barcelona only needed one goal for the miracle, the final minutes were incredibly dramatic as Neymar set Sergi Roberto up for the most important goal of his life that gave the Catalan club that insane turn around after a 6-1 result against PSG.

Anybody who put their money on the exact result made a lot of money that evening, this was truly one of the most memorable nights in Champions League history.

Lionel Messi’s over the top celebration with the fans is the image that made all the headlines, we completely understand why.

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