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Remembering David Beckham’s mesmerizing right-foot skill

Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images, Beckhan
International Friendly: England v Brazil

It’s never a bad time to talk about David Beckham and his almost well-educated right foot, the English legend who scored the most beautiful free-kicks.

When we all think about the best free-kick takers of all time, one of the very first names that pop into our heads is David Beckham and that incredible right foot that he has.

The fairest of the ‘Fergie Boys’ started an impressive career at Manchester United, he won literally everything at club level with the Red Devils by always leaving his very particular skill to his teammates’ service and he then proceeded to export this incredible quality to the rest of the world.

There was even a movie named after his skill (Bend it like Beckham) because he was simply amazing at scoring set-pieces, his marketing magnet had a little bit to do with all the hype he always got but anybody who dared to say that he was overrated is completely wrong and clearly never watched the man take a free-kick.

Despite not being the player who scored the most free-kick goals in football history, he certainly was the one that made set-pieces look deeply elegant and cool as football could get.

Alongside all that class when he played football, came a high level of swagger that made David Beckham one of the most famous images in world football that is still celebrated to this day.

There are so many goals that he scored from a set-piece, that choosing one would mean that we are disrespecting the others that he graciously offered the fans who really appreciated this type of skill.

Once he left Manchester United, Beckham honed his particular skill at clubs like Real Madrid, PSG, AC Milan, and LA Galaxy.

The man really inspired fear every time he stood behind the ball ready to take his shot from any distance, even the opposition players who stood in the barrier sometimes decided to turn towards the goalkeeper because they didn’t want to miss the goal.

There still hasn’t been a player who can strike the ball quite like David Beckham was able to do it, this specific talent has a lot more to do with genetics than it does with developing the skill as other players in football history have managed to do.

Not even Cristiano Ronaldo or Leo Messi were born with the ability to hit the ball in this way, both of them needed hours of practice in order to achieve levels of grandeur in terms of how effective they became as free-kick takers.

It’s safe to say that we may never see another player hit the ball in the same way David Beckham did, his children didn’t play football as he did and that specific talent is lost for the fans.

All we have are the countless memories, all those video reels of his many goals from a distance that gave his clubs important victories or memorable moments on the national team.

But we can at least talk about some of the goals that the Englishman scored in this manner, just to illustrate what a specialist he really was.

The first one that comes to mind actually took place in one of Beckhams last great matches as a Manchester United player, which coincidentally was also one of the reasons that president Florentino Perez brought him to Real Madrid a year later.

It was on the same night that Brazilian Ronaldo came out of Old Trafford with a standing ovation, Beckham nearly took Manchester United to a turn-around in a thrilling match and David Beckham came in during the second half to try and right the ship.

This was the era in which the English player was already in bad terms with Sir Alex Ferguson, Becks’ impact was instantaneous as he scored one of the best free-kicks of his career and then completed a brace that gave Manchester United the 4-3 win at Old Trafford but they fell short on the final 6-5 aggregate in Real Madrid’s favor.

We could watch David Beckham’s free-kicks all day, every day.

Which David Beckham free-kick do you remember the most? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.