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Remembering David Beckham’s most famous Pepsi adverts

'Pepsi Foot Battle' - Television Campaign
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Let’s go down memory lane and remember David Beckham’s most famous Pepsi adverts.

David Beckham was a great football player who possessed an amazing right foot. He won the Champions League with Manchester United, as well as six Premier Leagues titles, before becoming a part of Florentino Perez’s Galacticos at Real Madrid.

Becks was arguably the best free kick taker of his time and was appreciated for his accurate crosses from the right wing. He captained England at two World Cups and helped the MLS to grow popularity, representing LA Galaxy in the final years of his career.

His good looks offered up plenty of off-field potentials, too. In 1998, Beckham, who’d already signed a deal with Adidas, netted $13 million in endorsement deals. He met Victoria Adams, also known as “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls and married her in 1999.

The Beckham brand continued to grow, as David became the star face of Pepsi, appearing in many classic football adverts. One of the most famous was filmed in the early 2000s, showing the football star in the tunnel after being subbed off the field. There is also a kid, with a Pepsi can in his hands, as Becks asks for a sip.

The kid allows him to drink from his Pepsi and then asks Beckham for his Manchester United shirt. He uses the club badge on the jersey to clean off the top of the can before giving the shirt back to a surprised Beckham.

Another classic Pepsi advert with David Beckham was filmed in 2003. The Real Madrid squad occupy a table in a saloon in the Wild West when five pairs of boots become visible under the swinging doors. It is David Beckham with his Manchester United teammates, Garry Neville, Juan Sebastian Veron, Ryan Giggs, and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

The Englishman orders a Pepsi, but Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas steals Beckham’s drink, prompting a duel. They go outside, tearing off their cloaks to reveal their respective club kits. It is David Beckham vs Iker Casillas for the Pepsi – you can see the winner on the video below the text.

In the Pepsi Surf advert, you can see David Beckham playing football on the beach with Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos, Thierry Henry, Raul, and Fernando Torres. A group of surfers, however, decides to stick to the ‘Surfers Only’ rule on the beach and asks the football stars to stop playing football.

They take the ball into the ocean and get their revenge in quite extraordinary fashion at the end of the video.

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