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Remembering Fernando Torres’ best year as a professional

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Let’s go back in time to the 2007-08 season, when Fernando Torres lived his best years as a professional player and was the best striker in the world.

Fernando Torres’ retirement has made us miss him already, the Spanish striker is arguably one of the best offensive players in his country’s history and a great professional.

As an Atletico Madrid product, he soon let the world know that he meant business and he attracted attention from some of the most important clubs in the world.

Real Madrid certainly tried to sign him several times but his heart always remained with the Colchoneros, he would never betray them like that for money.

Due to how small Atletico Madrid was at the time, Torres knew that he couldn’t continue his career in the squad he adored.

The alternative was to help the Colchoneros build a better team with the money they got from his transfer, Liverpool was his preferred destination.

The €38 million that the Spanish club got for Fernando are one of the main reasons hey became one of the most competitive football clubs over the last decade.

You could say that they both did a service to one and other, but we think Fernando left Spanish football when he was about to blow up.

That 2007-08 season gave us his best numbers by far, it also brought us the player’s most memorable performance with his national team.

If it hadn’t been for Cristiano Ronaldo exploding that year, we are pretty sure that Torres would’ve won the Ballon d’Or because he really deserved it.

His arrival to Liverpool.

In one of the few seasons in which Liverpool came really close to winning the Premier League, Fernando Torres always kept the fans wanting for more during his first year.

The Spaniard helped the Reds that season by scoring 24 goals in the Premier League, 6 in the Champions League, and another 3 in the League Cup as per WhoScored.

That was a total of 33 overall goals that any striker would kill to get in a single season, but not even that was enough for Liverpool to win the domestic competition.

Fernando Torres truly was in his peak during that season, he would never get to that number during his professional career.

The man reached his peak in that season but he would win several more trophies after that, the heartbreak he suffered for not winning anything with Liverpool was soon replaced by joy.

Fernando was still going to have a magical summer in 2008, one that he will remember for the rest of his life.

This legendary striker is the one who scored the goal that gave Spain its first-ever major trophy, which was the European Championship of that year.

Torres was the man who started the Spanish football revolution, one that brought his country a World Cup in 2010 and another European Championship in 2012 with him also featuring in the final.

Fernando’s biggest night came in 2012.

After having such a great season in regards to numbers in 2008, Fernando Torres’ another great year came four years after.

This time he played at Chelsea FC, but he was far from the potent striker we knew from 2008.

Regardless of this dramatic level drop, Torres still found a way to score the most important goals of the year for his club.

The Blues’ striker was the one who eliminated FC Barcelona in the 2012 Champions League semifinals with a shocking counter-attack goal at Camp Nou.

Later in that summer, Torres also featured in the Euro 2012 final against Italy by scoring a goal and providing an assist in the 4-0 victory.

Perhaps he didn’t really get to experience himself at the highest level all the time, but Fernando Torres has so many reasons to be thankful.

There aren’t many players in football history who can win as many titles as he did both for his club and his country.

Coincidentally, the only collective title he didn’t win was the league in any of the clubs he represented.

But that doesn’t matter when you have as much success as Fernando did throughout his whole career, the legendary striker who gave Spain the prestige it enjoys to this day.

How would you describe Fernando Torres’ best season as a professional player? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.