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Remembering how good Neymar Jr was at FC Barcelona

Neymar, Messi, Suarez
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On the day of his 28th birthday, we can’t help but remember how good Neymar was during his period at FC Barcelona next to Messi. 

Even Neymar remembers his FC Barcelona days fondly, he recently spoke about his time at the Catalan club.

We can’t say that we blame him, he was truly a spectacular footballer during that period of time.

Even since the time he played at Santos, all of South America was overwhelmed by his talent.

Whether his critics like it or not, Neymar comes from a long dynasty of Brazilian talents that are miles away from the rest.

He is the natural heir of ‘Jogo Bonito’, which is the famous Brazilian style that made millions fall in love with football.

This way to play the beautiful game exists since the ’60s decade, and the first player known to practice it is not who you think.

You might believe that Pele was the first player who loved dribbling the ball in such a rhythmic style.

However, this credit goes completely to legendary Mane ‘Garrincha’.

He is the hidden talent from that golden generation of Brazilian footballers.

That national team that won three World Cup titles between 1958 and 1970, had Garrincha as the master dribbler.

Pele was the most prolific footballer of the bunch, but Mane was the spectacular player.

This is where Neymar’s talent comes from, and Barcelona was the place where he expressed himself fully. 

Having Messi allowed him to improve. 

It’s been proven many times in the past that not any player can perform next to Leo Messi.

The Argentine plays at such a high level, that only a select group of footballers can keep up with him.

Leo was thrilled to have Neymar on the squad, he knew that they would get along perfectly.

Although the Brazilian wasn’t the player he eventually became, we all knew about his untapped potential.

Getting to the top of his game would take him a little time, and tutelage from Messi.

The process was shorter than expected, with Neymar only taking a season to become important.

The young star arrived in Barcelona during the summer of 2013, and he reached peak level in the next season.

His repertoire didn’t take long to explode. We had all the greatest hits from Brazilian players.

This included step overs, nutmegs, rainbows, and the occasional ‘espaldinha’.

But at the start of the 2014-15 season, the world received even better news at FC Barcelona.

Neymar was getting another star teammate in Luis Suarez, and that’s where the real fun began. 

The best trio in modern football history. 

There is no way to measure how great Neymar became next to Luis Suarez and Leo Messi, they became unstoppable.

The Brazilian fed off the talent from the other two massive stars.

Luis came from Liverpool as a major transfer, he owned the Premier League despite not winning the title.

Having a player from Argentina, one from Brazil, and one from Uruguay was the wet dream of any football fan around the world.

But their society was doomed to end at a certain point, this union was too hot to handle for the world.

After only three seasons together, Neymar left right after finishing his fourth season at the club.

All we have are the incredible memories from that trio. The one that made us get off our seats within seconds.

Nobody can blame Messi for wanting his friend back at the club. They were truly insane together.

Those memories can be found at any time on YouTube, you all know the keywords to find them.

We wish Neymar could return to that level of performance, he would truly become the best payers in the world. 

Why do you think Neymar is no longer at that level of performance? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.