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Remembering Internazionale Milano’s historic treble

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On the day that Internazionale Milano turns 111 years from its creation, we remember the most memorable day of its history, the Treble.

Despite not really being one of the most successful clubs in the world right now, Internazionale Milano still has a long history that spans throughout the whole 111 years that it’s existed and today we will talk about that historic Treble they won in the 2009-10 season.

This was the single most impressive achievement than any other club in modern football history has reached, this is the main reason why Jose Mourinho still has that prestige today despite not being at the best of his abilities for some time now.

The Internazionale Milano days are by far the Portuguese manager’s most prolific era, one that he still remembers and we are still waiting for him to get back.

In fact, that 2009-10 season was the culmination of a two-year period in which Mourinho completely dominated both Italy and Europe with his impressive managing skills that he brought from both FC Porto and Chelsea FC.

His first season in Serie A was quite spectacular, he won the trophy with such dominance that no other clubs in the country even came close to them in that time as they had the most complete squad in recent memory.

The key figure in that memorable squad was obviously Mourinho, he was on a mission to prove a point to a specific club that had rejected him during the summer of 2008.

The Portuguese manager had a history at FC Barcelona as Sir Bobby Robson’s assistant manager, he obviously believed that he was good enough to someday coach the Catalan club and he thought that his chance to do it was during that summer when Frank Rijkaard left the institution.

The man even made an elaborate presentation in which he described the details of his plan to make FC Barcelona an even greater club than it already was, but president Joan Laporta was the one who ultimately decided to bring Pep Guardiola to the mix and the rest is history.

This rejection is what fueled Jose Mourinho to take another offer and prove himself worthy, but he no longer felt the desire to coach FC Barcelona.

It took Jose a year to realize that he just had encountered the biggest challenge of his career, his new target was to be better than the best Barcelona in football history regardless of the club he coached at the moment.

After that 2008-09 season, it was evident that the most competitive clubs in the world were Guardiola and Mourinho’s as they met in the semifinal.

That two-match display was one of the most impressive feats that any club has ever given in football, Internazionale Milano completely dominated FC Barcelona with a tactical masterclass that Jose Mourinho gave to Pep Guardiola.

The match at Camp Nou is one that the Cule fans will remember with hate for the rest of their lives, Jose Mourinho did the impossible and even his celebration was right in the “backyard” of the one club that rejected him.

Inter was lucky to have the best Mou we ever had during that era, the man went on to win the Treble in a spectacular fashion with striker Diego Milito as the key figure of an impressive roster at his disposal.

The most impressive part of such achievements was that the Italian club won the Treble only a year after FC Barcelona did the same, events like this didn’t really happen often in football before this modern era and Jose Mourinho is the one who transformed it into a trend.

Right after winning the Champions League at the Santiago Bernabeu vs Bayern Munich that season, Jose Mourinho stated that he knew FC Barcelona was a club that he would never coach in his professional career.

After leaving to manage Real Madrid, Internazionale Milano has never been the same but they still celebrate their best manager in 111 years of history.

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